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How To Enjoy Cycling In Winter

Cycling in the cold winter is a different experience. When our feet step on the pedals at a constant speed and feel the cold wind whistling in our ears, we will experience a feeling of racing against the world. What our body and mind touch is not only the physical world, but also complete freedom of spirit.

Although riding in the cold winter brings unique pleasure to the body and mind, we still need to pay attention to warmth and safety:

  1. Thermal clothing: In order to protect yourself from cold weather, you should wear enough professional warm cycling clothes, gloves, shoe covers, etc.
  2. Bicycle maintenance: Before riding, you need to check the condition of the vehicle and troubleshoot.
  3. Weather conditions: The weather conditions of the dayis very important to your journey. Choice ofappropriate clothing and equipment should be based on weather conditions to ensure riding safety.
  4. Reasonableitinerary: Before riding, please make reasonable arrangements for your itinerary based on your health conditions, riding skills and experience. At the same time, pay attention to road conditions and avoid dangerous or geological disaster-risk road sections.
  5. Health management: Pay attention to your healthcondition before setting off, and avoid riding on an empty stomach or in other adverse conditions. Meanwhile, bring some snacks, energy bars, lip balm, hand cream and emergency medicine.
  6. Stay alert: While riding, you need to stay alert and pay attention to surrounding traffic condition. If you ride at night, you need to pay attention to night vision.


As a professional cycling clothing design and manufacturing company, perhaps we can discuss more about winter cycling clothing:

  1. Warm-keeping material: The fabric of cycling clothes should be made of materials with warm-keeping properties to effectively maintain body temperature. For example, the THERMODREAM 3.0 fabric from MITI, which our company uses to produce winter thermal cycling jerseys. It is stretch back brushed warp knit winter fabric with polyester on the brushed side and unique texture on the air side, with excellent comfort, soft compression and thermal properties.
  2. Windproof function: In order to effectively reduce the intrusion of cold wind on the body, windproof fabrics can be used in cycling clothing, cycling gloves, and cycling shoe covers. The filmed windproof fabric can perfectly block the cold wind, reduce the heat loss due to the flow of cold wind, and enhance the thermal insulation effect.
  3. Water-resistant function: Fog and small rain are very common in autumn and winter. When cycling, they can wet clothes, reducing warm capacity of cycling clothes. Therefore, cycling wear which is made of water-resistant fabric is necessary in these high humidity environments.                               
  4. Wind-blocking design: In addition to the application of wind-proof fabrics, the wind-blocking design of cycling clothing should also pay attention to details, such as collars, cuffs, hems and other parts. The perfect fit design can prevent cold wind from intruding into the body, thus affecting the thermal insulation effect.
  5. Thermostatic design: The combination of warm and breathable fabrics can keep the windward side of the chest and abdomen warm while dissipating heat from the back, keeping the front and rear of the body at a constant temperature while riding. At the same time, the special fake two-piece design can dissipate heat more gently when the body overheats, preventing excessive temperature differences from irritating the body and causing discomfort.
  6. Pay attention to the layers of clothing: Cycling clothing should be combined with the principle of multi-layer clothing, that is, the inner layer is sweat-wicking, the middle layer is warm, and the outer layer is windproof. This keeps the body warmer better.

In short, there are many things that need to be paid attention to when riding on a cold winter day. You need to pay attention to the choice of cycling clothes, carefully check the vehicle, arrange the itinerary reasonably, pay attention to the weather conditions, maintain good health condition, etc. Only by making adequate preparations and precautions can you better enjoy freedom and exploration.

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