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Choice of Cycling Uniforms At Night

In recent years, cycling has become a stylish and healthy way, while riding at night has given riding more fun and challenges. However, in the dark, we sometimes encounter various difficulties and obstacles. In order to obtain a better night riding experience and ensure safety, we need to pay special attention to the precautions of night cycling. If you understand the road conditions, wear appropriate cycling clothes, wear helmets, control speed and car distance Spare items, etc.

In this article, we will focus on riding clothes, talking about how to choose the right cycling wear at night.

(1)Reflection and colors: The poor vision at night has brought huge challenges to the safety of the cyclists. Therefore, reflective design is necessary, such as reflective fabrics, reflective logo, etc. It can reflect light to make cyclist high-visible to keep safe at night. Meanwhile, bright colors also can enhance the visibility and safety of the cyclist during night riding, such as red, yellow,etc.

(2) Good air permeability: When riding at night, due to the low temperature, cyclist needs to choose a thicker cycling suit for warmth. However, if the cycling clothes is not good, it will make the body feel sultry and uncomfortable. Therefore, the design of cycling uniforms needs to take into warmth, breathablility and heat dissipation, such as the combination of windproof fabrics and breathable fabrics.

(3) Wind-proof and water-resistant function: Choosing cycling clothes with windproof and water-resistant materials can effectively prevent wind and rain from invasion and maintain the dryness and warmth of the body.

(4) Adjustable cuffs and hem: In order to adapt to different body shape and temperature changes, it is recommended to choose adjustable cuffs and hem designs to adjust the size as needed and enhance the warmth function.

Night cycling is a challenge and fun method, but cyclists need to focus on safety issues, especially the appropriate cycling clothes. They should pay attention to the requirements of bright colors, reflective design, adjustable cuffs and hems, wind-proof, water resistant and breathable functions. Only by making full preparations and precautions can we better enjoy the fun and challenges of night cycling.

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