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New Staff Training

Each new staff needs to complete a one -month new employee training course. Course content includes the company's business philosophy, production process, departmental cooperation, industry information, etc. Perhaps many training content will not be applied to our daily job work, but comprehensive training can help us design and produce sportswear with higher quality and high-end needs of clients.

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Continuous Education

Faced with the rapid technological innovation and continuous improvement of customer needs, we always maintain an open attitude and actively study. For example, using 3D modeling to shorten the customer's product development period, learning and using more advanced software to improve the printing technique. When new technology is invented, we always learn and use these new technologies to improve product development and production capacity.

Diverse Club

Hobbies are the best stimulants, so supporting and cultivating employees' hobbies are a very important part of company activities. In order to fully respect the diversification of employees, the company has spontaneously formed many different clubs, such as cycling clubs, badminton clubs, yoga clubs, reading clubs, and so on. Every club event will further activate employees' love for life and work.

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Company Trip

The company's life is not limited to office and production workshops, but also on the journey. The company will organize all employees to hiking and travel, participate in fun group building activities, and enjoy beautiful natural scenery. A beautiful journey can relax employees, relieve work fatigue, and improve self -driving force.

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Year-end Party

At the end of the year, the company will organize the year -end party, summarize the achievements in the work, commend and reward outstanding employees, and thank all employees for their efforts. The spontaneous organizational show can also give employees a stage to show their talents, enhancing self -confidence and team consciousness.

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