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Silk Screen Printing

Silk Screen Printing

Silk screen printing is a great and ancient technique that  is a widely used printing technique that utilizes a mesh screen to transfer ink onto fabric. Nowadays, application of new environment-friendly materials make silk screen printing bring more function and visual effects to us. Due to different printing materials, we can achieve anti-slip ability, 3D visual effect, very strong fastness, etc. while do not limit the elasticity of fabric. Even to this day, we still keep trying new materials and different combination of various materials to achieve more innovative results.

Screen printing benefits:

Multi-function: Due to different printing materials, we can achieve different functions. For example, silicon material is widely printed on internal surface of hem of cycling jersey and leg opening of cycling shorts to get anti-slip ability. It is also used on the palm of cycling gloves to increase force of friction. Another example, elastic material is used to print logo on fabric while do not limit the elasticity of fabric.

3D visual effect: the outcome of silk screen printing is tridimensional. The process of silk screen printing is print materials on fabric with multiple layers, layer by layer. Sometimes, it looks like playing building blocks.

Broad adaptability: Silk screen printing can be used on different fabrics, such as polyester, nylon, cotton and so on. It does not be influenced by the colors of pre-dyed fabric, even can be used on black fabric.

Good fastness: The process combines material and fabric strongly, and almost never drops. During printing process, liquid material infiltrates into fabric, then they integrate together when solidify.

Flexible customization: This process can run with small order.

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